UK Parliament Demands Answers From Sunak Following Airstrikes

Amidst mounting pressure, Chancellor Rishi Sunak faced parliamentary scrutiny on Tuesday over Britain’s Red Sea strategy, prompting a ‘general debate’ as MPs demand transparency following the recent airstrikes against the Houthis. Here’s the full story. Royal Air Farce Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has found himself at the centre of a political firestorm as demands for … Read more

Scrutiny Intensifies on Police Officers in Wake of Everard Murder

In the aftermath of Sarah Everard’s tragic murder, an unprecedented investigation reveals that 461 police officers are under scrutiny, facing criminal probes and disciplinary actions, exposing deep-rooted and severe problems within the UK’s law enforcement agencies. Here’s the full story. Who Watches the Watchers? In the aftermath of the tragic murder of Sarah Everard by … Read more

UN Expert Condemns UK Crackdown on Environmental Protest

UN Special Rapporteur Michel Forst has condemned the UK’s severe crackdown on environmental protests, citing draconian laws, courtroom restrictions, and civil injunctions, asserting that these measures have a chilling effect on fundamental freedoms amid the global environmental crisis. Here’s the full story. Chilling Effect on Protest The United Nations special rapporteur on environmental defenders, Michel … Read more

RCOG Challenges Outdated Abortion Laws With New Reporting Guidelines

Amidst a surge in prosecutions related to abortions, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has issued new guidance, asserting that healthcare professionals should abstain from reporting suspected illegal abortions to the police. Here’s the full story.  Abortion Decriminalisation  The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) in the UK has made a landmark move … Read more

Report Warns That the UK Poverty Trap Is Deeper Than Ever Before

As the UK’s poverty crisis deepens, escaping hardship is more challenging than ever, as political inertia prolongs the struggle, warns a new report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Here’s the whole story. The Poverty Trap There was another deeply depressing disclosure from the UK this week, as the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) has sounded the … Read more

BBC Radio 4 Under Scrutiny Amidst Government Claims of Bias

Government officials have taken aim at BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz, alleging bias and reigniting the ongoing debate on media impartiality. Here’s the full story.  No Agenda, All Attack Just one day after the government was pressured to deny accusations that it was pursuing an agenda against the BBC, Radio 4’s flagship satirical show, … Read more

Cheaper Light at the End of the Tunnel: UK Energy Costs Predicted to Drop in April

As energy prices are expected to see a significant 16% reduction in April, Cornwall Insights latest projections offer some hope for UK households experiencing an ongoing cost of living crisis. Here’s the full story.  A Light at the End of the Tunnel In a rare respite from the rampant cost of living crisis currently afflicting … Read more

Over 100 Deepfake Ads Misuse UK Prime Minister’s Image on Facebook

An alarming surge of over 100 deep fake video advertisements impersonating UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Facebook has raised serious concerns about the vulnerability of social media platforms to AI manipulation. Here’s the full story. AI Threat to Democracy AI has long been proclaimed to be the next generation of technology, a way of … Read more

‘Astounding’ Levels of Ocean Warming Causing Alarming Weather Extremes

A new study has shown that record levels of heat have been absorbed by Earth’s oceans, contributing to a speeding up of the climate catastrophe, as well as worsening weather events around the world. Here’s the full story.  In Hot Water A new study has revealed that in 2023, the Earth experienced “astounding” ocean temperatures … Read more

Study Reveals Lowest Life Expectancy in a Decade

The UK has witnessed a decade-low in life expectancy, prompting concerns and calls for a comprehensive government strategy to address the root causes and improve the nation’s health outlook. Here’s the full story. How Low Can You Go? The UK recently received yet more bad news, unveiled in data from the Office for National Statistics … Read more