Here Are the Downsides of Banning Disposable Vapes in the UK

The UK government is contemplating a potential ban on disposable vapes to address concerns about youth usage, but a recent study funded by Cancer Research UK has also revealed the potential consequences of the ban on the millions of people in the country trying to quit smoking. Understanding the Issue University College London conducted a … Read more

Pro-Golfer Falsely Accused of Inappropriate Behaviour Ruining 28-Year Career in the Sport

A professional golfer has been cleared of all charges after being wrongfully dismissed from his senior position at a prestigious golf club, where he spent a large amount of his 28-year career, for allegedly sending inappropriate, late-night messages to a female at the club. A Victory of False Accusations Mark Sturgess, a distinguished PGA-accredited golf … Read more

‘Mobilise the Nation,’ Says Head of the British Army in Case of Global Conflict

General Sir Patrick Sanders, the head of the British Army, has sent a message to the UK government to “mobilise the nation” in anticipation of a potential conflict. Sir Patrick’s reason? He says citizens need to be mentally prepared for a call-up if NATO engages in a conflict with Russia.  Preparing for War? To make … Read more

Immigrant Children Sharing Dangerous Accommodation With Adults After Major Home Office Blunder

A report titled “Forced Adulthood” showed the alarming number of incorrect age assessments conducted by the Home Office, revealing that at least 1,300 children were wrongly classified as adults over 18 months, putting them in danger. Flawed Assessments and Dire Consequences A recently released report by the Refugee Council, the Helen Bamber Foundation, and the … Read more

UK Parliament Demands Answers From Sunak Following Airstrikes

Amidst mounting pressure, Chancellor Rishi Sunak faced parliamentary scrutiny on Tuesday over Britain’s Red Sea strategy, prompting a ‘general debate’ as MPs demand transparency following the recent airstrikes against the Houthis. Here’s the full story. Royal Air Farce Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has found himself at the centre of a political firestorm as demands for … Read more

Tory MP Calls for Sunak’s Ousting With Former MPs Following Suit

A former Tory Cabinet minister, Sir Simon Clarke, has called upon Tory MPs to oust Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to avoid an “annihilation” at the next election. The call for a change in leadership follows the Conservative party’s dismal poll results, pathing the way for a potential Labour landslide. Sir Simon’s Brutal Assessment Sir Simon … Read more

Scrutiny Intensifies on Police Officers in Wake of Everard Murder

In the aftermath of Sarah Everard’s tragic murder, an unprecedented investigation reveals that 461 police officers are under scrutiny, facing criminal probes and disciplinary actions, exposing deep-rooted and severe problems within the UK’s law enforcement agencies. Here’s the full story. Who Watches the Watchers? In the aftermath of the tragic murder of Sarah Everard by … Read more

UN Expert Condemns UK Crackdown on Environmental Protest

UN Special Rapporteur Michel Forst has condemned the UK’s severe crackdown on environmental protests, citing draconian laws, courtroom restrictions, and civil injunctions, asserting that these measures have a chilling effect on fundamental freedoms amid the global environmental crisis. Here’s the full story. Chilling Effect on Protest The United Nations special rapporteur on environmental defenders, Michel … Read more